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About Us

RED Experiential is a Colorado-based marketing company that has expertly promoted foods and beverage and spirits since 2008. Like our clients, we know that quality is everything. For that reason, promotion means more to us than just exposure: it means exceptional consumer engagement that connects people in unexpected ways. Through diverse field activations and engaging consumers at the point of sale, we orchestrate moments that bring people together around our brands. Because we know there's nothing more memorable than feeling connected to the people around you.


Our Pillars

Dependable & Results Driven

We stand behind our brands and get the job right the first time, creating value-added experiences and achieving tangible results

Integrated Marketing Arm

We work seamlessly with our brands, matching their unique identity and sharing their passion, to ensure we function as a true and unwavering extension of their internal team

Deep Industry Understanding

With combined 30+ years of industry experience, we possess an intimate knowledge of the consumer market, allowing us to formulate the most meaningful strategies to engage with target consumers

Battle Tested Team

Every member of our team has worked behind a demo table, spent hours at events, hustled on the street leading field teams. We leverage our knowledge of the street to create a fully-customizable marketing strategy to achieve your brand’s specific goals with access to every market in the U.S. and Canada

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